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Strength Creator

Personal Trainer, ACSM, EP-C, FMS

Eli is a Lifestyle personal trainer, building trust and commitment with every client. His welcoming personality and passion to help people gain strength, flexibility, and range of motion is imperative to their fitness story.  His numerous skills and abilities are greatly appreciated by the Lifestyle team. 

Education & Certifications

  • B.S. Exercise Science, Minor Kinesiology

  • Certifications: ACSM, EP-C, FMS

My Why

“When you see someone come to Lifestyle with a walker, joint pain or weakness, then walk out with strength, confidence and excitement, personal training is all worth it. It makes my day to see people meet their goals, whether great or small.” 

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Fitness Motivator

Personal Trainer, CSCS, EP-C, FMS

Jon joins the Lifestyle team with a passion to use his strengths to help others meet their fitness goals. His focus is on personal training to provide evening and weekend training availability. He is looking forward to enrolling in a physical therapy program to further his qualifications to also serve clients’ post-injury or post-surgery needs.


  • B.S. Exercise Science

  • Certifications: CSCS, EP-C, FMS


“I have a passion for experiencing the joy that comes to those who achieve what they may believe to be unachievable. Fitness is a continuum, and everyone has a level that they want to obtain; it's my goal to help them get there.”



Dance Extraordinaire

Zumba® Instructor

Emily has extensive dance and performance experience plus a heart for fitness, particularly Lifestyle Fitness. She has been a significant part of the Lifestyle team for 6 years. Her passion for health and wellness provides an invaluable undertone to her fun and energizing Zumba® classes. She is looking forward to offering aerial yoga at some point.

Education & Certifications

  • B.F.A. Dance Performance

  • Performer/Choreographer: Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Aerial, Improvisation, and Flamenco Dance

  • Certified Zumba® Instructor

My Why

“I fell in love with Zumba® in 2004 at the Jazz Dance World Congress in Costa Rica. What a lovely place to be introduced to something so wonderful! My great reward is that Zumba® is exercise in disguise and it's for everyone! You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy and benefit from Zumba®.”



Balanced ACE

Yogafit® Instructor

Tina’s background in education and healthcare marketing naturally provides opportunities to share the importance of creating healthy lifestyle habits. She has been part of the Lifestyle team for the past 2 years, as a Yogafit® instructor, while enjoying freelance writing and marketing, and teaching health and technology full time.

Education & Certifications

  • B.S. Business Administration

  • Certified YogaFit® Instructor

  • Certified AHA Instructor

My Why

“Several years ago I adopted a new method to fitness. Just do something. Finding a balance and enjoying activities in a less extreme way gave me a lot of mental freedom to be healthy, rather than seeking specific visible results. I love sharing this self-forgiving mentality with others.”



Meditator of Healing

Yogafit Instructor

Through her studies at Asheville Yoga Center (AYC) and her own practice, Megan quickly found how healing and beneficial yoga was for an individual. It sparked her passion and journey to help others find healing not only on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional one.  She is currently continuing her studies to deepen her knowledge towards this goal, starting with her introduction into both a Clinical Healthcare Musician and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Megan loves many types of yoga including Yin, Restorative, Aerial, Bhakti, Kundalini and Mindful Flow. Aside from yoga, she loves to illustrate, read, and spend time with her husband, two daughters, and their golden retriever.

Education & Certification

•      200-RYT Yoga Instructor

•      Level 1 Aerial Yoga Instructor


“I came to yoga through a pivotal moment in my life where my health was taking a turn for the worst, and quickly. I knew I needed a change, especially when it came to my career of sitting at a computer all day. As I prayed and searched for answers, I came across an ad online for aerial yoga. It sparked my interest as I had always loved cirque performances. As I looked into training, I quickly realized I would want to start out with my foundational studies. After searching for the right school, I was signed up for the 9-month 200-hr training at AYC. With each day that passed in my training, I became deeply more passionate about yoga and what it could do for someone. I realized for me it was what I’ve always been looking for.”



Movement Stylist

Tai Chi Instructor

Scott is passionate about helping people and has been a part of the Lifestyle team since 2014. The Lifestyle class he teaches uses the Hunyuan 24 forms to emphasize Tai Chi for Health.

He was first introduced to Tai Chi in the early 90’s when seeking a martial arts class. He enjoys and is certified to teach Hunyuan Taijiquan, a complete and traditional tai chi method. He is a committed lifelong student of these arts and continues to study closely related arts such as qigong, baguazhang, and xingyiquan. 

Education & Certifications

  • Cartified Hunyuan Taijiquan - World Hunyuan Taijiquan Association, Beijing, China

  • Taught Carillion's Aging Patients

  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis & Tai Chi for Balance - Tai Chi for Health Institute

My Why

“It feels great to do something that can make people feel better every day. I really wanted to make a difference in the community; this is why I teach.”

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Jason & Rachel

Community Dance Enthusiasts

Dance Instructors

Rachel and Jason have a passion for bringing together dance communities and spreading their love of Swing. Between the two of them, they have 15 years of dance experience, ranging from Lindy Hop, Ballroom, Bachata, Zouk, West Coast Swing, and Blues. With the most of their training and experience in West Coast Swing, they have been teaching in Lynchburg for over three years for different groups. They've recently started their own lessons and social dancing to continue pursuing the growth of the dance community in Lynchburg and surrounding areas.

Jason’s specialties are isolated muscle movements to improve quality of motion and musical theory’s applications to dance. Rachel’s specialties consist of connection to music and partnered connection building within dance. Together, Jason and Rachel create a well-educated and dynamic teaching style that allows for optimized and personalized learning.Education & Certifications

  • 15+ Years of Dance Experience in more than 10 different styles

  • 3+ Years of Competition

  • 3+ Years of Dance Instruction Training with top Professionals

  • 4+ Years of Dance Instruction

our Why

Jason: “Ultimately, dance is art. When I can improve the way that people perceive themselves through the art of dance, I am changing hearts, minds, and bodies. Through this process, I can help people change the way they think about themselves, and the way they see the world.”

Rachel: “There are so many benefits to dance! Not only is it healthy exercise, but it’s been shown to improve brain function, develop social skills, increase dopamine release and uptake, and reduces stress. Helping others achieve these benefits is my goal in teaching this incredible skill. It’s also fun, so get on out there!”



Memory Maker

Media Master

Dalton has a creative vision and a heart to serve people. His technical skills and visionary passion comes alive in the images he captures and the memories he preserves.

His entrepreneurial spirit is bold and inventive. He understands corporate messaging, branding, and the benefits of adding artistic elements. He is also enjoys flying as private pilot.

Lifestyle Fitness & Training partners with AGLET Creative and Aerial Illustrations to bring personal victories into focus.

My Why

“I see things differently. I see the beauty and strength inside each and every individual, and I want others to see all that I see.”

Brian serves as an educator, entrepreneur, and a business advisor. He appreciates uncovering hidden gems and having opportunities to share insight and skills gained through his professional and personal experiences.

Brian spent more than 25 years in collegiate athletics, both as a player and a coach. His time in the various arenas of sports and business allowed him to develop expertise in teaching and team building, inspiring others to strive to find their gifts to impact others. 

Experiencing and witnessing the often-difficult transition collegiate athletes experience, at the conclusion of their playing careers, inspired him to take a lifestyle approach to fitness—sharing the importance of awareness, balance, and rest in addition to rigorous, competitive training.

My Why

“My desire is to partner with our gifted team in guiding the Lifestyle vision. Our hope is to provide an unintimidating environment for those desiring to improve their health and fitness, while also making high-quality training accessible to those who desire such opportunities.”



Animal Whisperer


Regan's witty contributions keep things light for the Lifestyle team, but her insight is invaluable. She offers a vibrant and direct perspective to the not so obvious. Her organization and work ethic are valuable to the Lifestyle team.

My Why

“It’s just not that hard. Ask people what matters to them, then do your best to give it to them.”


Dina & Dave

Honorary Team

LFT Consultant

Time with Dina reveals the Lifestyle Story and the vision behind Athletic Republic® and Lifestyle Fitness. Partnering over the years to support their children's passions and to bring something unique to the Lynchburg area, she and her late husband Dave, saw fitness as a way of life. His desire to improve opportunities for local athletes to enhance sports performance wrote a memorable chapter in the story. 

Dina's valuable consultation and patience is repeatedly demonstrated. Her heart to carry on dreams continues.


“Dave and I saw the gym as a mission field. Our family got to know the members and they got to know us over the years. It is a special place.”