Our FIT CAMPS are back!

~Invest in your health~

Call, stop in, or email us to learn details about our Group Interval Training or Foundations of Lifting sessions. 

Rise-n- Shine: 6:05 - 6:45 am  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

A full-on, intense 40-minute workout, complete with training advice, as well as nutritional recommendations for those wanting to maximize the program--and your results! Join our group any time and don't delay...just get started.

The workouts will be difficult, but they will be fun and effective! We strive to teach and instruct during all phases of the camp, so you who train with us, can continue to improve your health and fitness.

We encourage pushing your physical limits. However, we NEVER encourage pushing through the pain. Your safety is our top priority.

Plan to arrive a few minutes early to warm up.


Happy Hour: TBD

This may be the de-stressor you need before heading home in the evening. In this hour, participants will explore the latest trends in strength training and focus on the fundamentals of weight lifting to maximize time in the gym while building lean muscle.


Why Knot Give yourself (or someone you care about) a gift. The individual attention and small-group personal training received during our fit camps may be just what you need to jump start your health improvement plan.  Contact Us for details.



-Lifestyle Members receive a tremendous discount per session, based on personal training rates. They also receive added discounts for signing up a friend. Non-members, you're welcome too! Our Fit Camps are the most cost effective way to work with a personal trainer.

-Stop in to pick up a rate card today.