Member Story - Dean W.

Originally, I joined Lifestyle Fitness to support a friend who wanted to get healthy. However, since joining, I have reaped tremendous benefits for myself. When I joined Lifestyle, I was 185 pounds with the goal of getting up to 205 to gain strength. With the help of the gym, and their phenomenal staff, I am now 165 pounds, much leaner and have added significant gains to all of my lifts in the process at 39 years old.

I have been able to lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, and continue to gain a higher strength-to-weight ratio. I am always greeted and made to feel at home at Lifestyle and have had multiple members at varying levels of fitness tell me how comfortable they are working out in the atmosphere that has been created.

The 24-hour availability, open space, and mobile equipment options remove any excuses I could imagine to not exercise. The staff is always helpful and inviting, which can really make the difference in a new member’s comfort level, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

- Dean W

Tina Joyce