Member Story - Reid V.

You might decide to exercise more to help lose weight, lower blood pressure, improve overall strength and health. You ask, what exercise do I do? How often? Where do I go? Do I buy a machine? Do I join a club?


I researched all of the options. I travel, so I looked at the national chain gyms. I also looked at a well-known local club. Then, I looked at Lifestyle Fitness & Training. They were my choice. What makes them a good choice?


First, the staff. They have ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified trainers in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS), Exercise Physiologist (EP-C) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS). This enabled them to talk to me about my goals and physical limitations; then develop a specific plan for my body. As I developed my abilities, they helped me modify my program to continue to improve.


Second, the costs. There are no annual fees. The monthly rates are competitive with all of the other places I researched. They have several plans designed for your age group, plus plans for the entire family if you like. They also work with the insurance companies that support Silver Sneakers and Prime programs


Third, they offer access. About any equipment you may need, they have. They have cardiovascular equipment of several types. They have machines to develop all parts of the body. They have complete weight workout equipment. They have equipment I personally have no idea of the purpose. The fact is, with the certifications and experience of the staff, they can guide you to what you need use to obtain your goals.


You may want to look at the other programs they offer. If you are into group fitness and aerobics, the choices are many. They have Silver Sneakers exercise classes. In addition, they have yoga, Zumba®, Tai Chi, hip hop, kick boxing, and fit camps.


Lastly, age is just a number. I first asked myself if I was too old for this? I am 71. The answer is no, I am not. I have talked to kids as young as 15 and people at 83 years young, striving to improve their bodies.  The key is that the staff works with all of us to improve our performance.


Does it work?  Yes indeed.  Since joining this year. I am personally 43 pounds lighter and feel better than I have for years.

Tina Joyce