When we listen.

There is something powerful about listening. Listening to our parents. Listening to laughter. Listening to our bodies.

I remember a few years back when snow was plentiful, and uncommon in this area, capturing this view through our front window. What I expected to preserve was the beauty and stillness of the end of the snowfall and the end of the day.

Surprisingly, what I remember most is what I heard. With the slowness of the setting sun, I heard words gently spoken to my heart, reminding me to offer grace.

Of course, we often hear messages of forgiveness and grace to be given to others. But in a competitive world full of misguided, and often unrealistic, expectations, I was reminded to offer myself grace. Grace when I reject a compliment. Grace when I am assuming. Grace when I believe a lie of the mirror. Grace when I get caught up in worldly things. Grace when I don't treat my body as a gift, an irreplaceable gift.

When we're still and listen, we often hear what we've been sharing with others. Listen to your body and rest when needed. Appreciate your body's shape. Water helps bring your inner beauty out. Simply say thank you. Your body is amazing how it works. Just do something.




Tina Joyce