Lifestyle Fitness & Training has the equipment, experience, and industry knowledge to enhance sports performance--taking your game to the next level.

Designed for competitive athletes looking to increase strength, range of motion, conditioning, and ultimately performance, our personal training, combined with the Lifestyle approach to health and fitness, builds sustainable life-long balance for athletes at all levels.

The latest education in physical movement and kinesiology, plus collegiate training and coaching experience, gives our team insight into helping you train with purpose. Chronic joint and muscle pain are often the result of fundamental, repeated motions in our everyday lives. But, you can get balanced, and get healthy! Come in today for your FREE Functional Movement Screening by a Certified Trainer. 

Lifestyle Fitness and Lynchburg, Virginia have been home to a nationally known organization, Athletic Republic®, with a 27-year history of enhancing athletic performance.  Learn More →


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